Shipping Details

 We make use of two fixed rate shipping methods to keep the cost as low as possible.


This is a Pep Stores to Pep Stores delivery. Delivery time is from 7 to 11 working days. Add 1 working days for packaging and delivery to Pep Stores. Collecting the parcel, you have to present your ID and the One-Time pin that was sent to you by SMS. Please read the FAQ’s here. Please read PXI’s Terms and Conditions here.

When ordering your T-Shirts, we will find the closest Pep Stores to you as the delivery address where you can collect the package, or better, you can add the Pep Stores branch in your delivery address. Use this link to find the closest store to your address.

Below is an example finding the closest Pep Stores to you.

Excerpt from PAXI’s Terms and Conditions

  1. You can select a Collection Site at the PAXI counter at any participating PAXI site.
  2. You will be requested to provide us with Your details. In this regard, Your cell phone number and a valid form of identification will be requested and You must ensure that the information provided by You is true, accurate, current and complete in all respects.
  3. You will be required to pay for the PAXI Service in full at the point of sale at the Original Site.
  4. Once You have received a payment slip and handed it to the PAXI representative at the PAXI counter, You will be furnished with a PAXI box or PAXI flyer bag.
  5. You may place the item You intend to send into the PAXI box or PAXI flyer and once You have sealed it, You may hand it in at the PAXI counter at the Original Site.
  6. PAXI will confirm Your order by sending You a SMS confirmation together with a parcel reference number.
  7. You can track Your parcel by using Your parcel reference number at or by phoning the PAXI Customer Care Centre or by SMS to PAXI, where after a PAXI representative will call You.
  8. PAXI will send You another SMS with an OTP and collection instructions once the parcel has arrived at the Collection Site. You will be responsible for sending the OTP and collection instructions to the Recipient.
  9. The Recipient will be required to produce the OTP at the Collection Site. PAXI will only be required to verify the OTP presented by the Recipient at the Collection Site and will not be required to verify the identity of the Recipient. Should the Recipient, for any reason whatsoever, be requested to produce a form of identification, this shall be for PAXI’s own internal records.


We have teamed up with The Courier Guy delivering to your door. If you live in a rural area with no street address or on a farm, provide the closest physical address for you to collect the package. Delivery time is from 5-7 working days. Add 1 working days for packaging and delivery to courier.


If you have someone passing our shop, you are most welcome to have the order collected for you. We need proof of ID of the person collecting the order. When ordering please email the person’s ID together with the order number to us – fo convenience use the contact form.

Tracking Order

We will forward the tracking order to you as per your order email address.


We do not offer insurance.