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Bully Love ™ gives Margaux an opportunity to showcase her extraordinary talent free of charge. If you are interested in having a sketch of your most favourite Bully hanging on the wall, contact her direct to discuss your needs.

The Artist

Hello, my name is Margaux.

I spent my school years at Pro Arte Alphen Park in Pretoria where I specialized  in fine art and eventually studied for a Bachelor Arts degree in 3D Animation. I am currently studying the finer art of 3D engineering design for 3D printing.

As an avid horse rider and in general an animal lover, over time I mastered the animal anatomy which reflects in my drawings. Currently, I am sketching Rescue Dogs and gives part of my income back to the Animal Foundation.

The commissioned Bull Terrier sketches below are charcoal on A1 canvas. The most difficult part was to sketch in a negative mindset for the white bull terrier Alex.

If you are interested in casting your most favourite Bully on canvas, give me a call or pop me a note via the Contact form below.

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Phone: 073 024 209
Email: promarguax@gmail.com