Santa, the mother of all – R.I.P.

A story from Panomar Bull Terriers

On a warm summer’s day Marianne’s right hand Karlien, heard a great commotion in the backyard. One of the free roaming bull terriers was barking furiously. Running with great speed out of the kitchen Karlien saw a yellow Cape Cobra with a raised body and spread hood, hissing and lashing out at Santa, the mother of Klaas. In the meantime at the rear of Santa the smaller inexperienced bull terrier Klarien also wanted to be part of the action and was running up and down to have a closer look while Santa tried her utmost to stay between Klarien and the Cape Cobra. In the meantime Marianne arrived, gave one look and headed for the closest weapon, a spade.

During this time, with Karlien on-looking and waiting for Marianne to come back and intervene, the barking of Santa was becoming more ferocious, still frantically trying to keep Klarien away from the snake. As Marianne stepped closer with the spade, the Cape Cobra got distracted by the movement and Santa saw the opportunity to grab the head at the back. It was one crunching bite…. and one painful yelp!


The next moment Santa was lying on her side, panting for breath, the snake dead; Santa also busy losing her life. She must have bitten too hard on the head and one of the poisonous teeth have spiked her in the mouth – she had no chance – she died within few minutes.

This is how Marianne rears her “children”. The most compassionate bull terriers with the most protective instinct. It was a very sad day for Marianne, her staff and close friends sharing her passion for bull terriers. Santa will always be remembered as the mother for all; she liked to interact with all the offspring, very caring. She paid the ultimate price for being an excellent bull terrier mother.

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